Micro Targeting Prospective Recruits

Our system maps an area as small as a single office or as large as an office building, hotel or conference event. Our satellite technology identifies any devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) as attendees enter or after they leave the venue.
We serve your "benefit rich" digital online ads to the attendees' devices when they are at home, work or even when they are travelling

How We Track Your Audience

  • Upload up to 15 target addresses.
  • We map a frame around each location or area.
  • We identify the devices that are entering or leaving the mapped or location area.
  • We track all the device addresses to their home or workplace networks to establish your dedicated ad service network
  • We serve your online ads to your dedicated network's devices (computers, laptops, iPads® and smartphones) at home, work or even on their travels

What You Do…

  • Upload up to 15 address locations in the areas that you want to target.

What We Do For You…

  • Your ads will be served to Agents who enter the brokerage or location addresses.
  • Capture agents who are ready to make a move for better opportunities.
  • Leverage this awesome system to demonstrate the advantages and benefits that you have to offer.

Ad Distribution

  • Your online ads are delivered over a one or two month period
  • Powerful Coverage: 10 - 15 online ads are served weekly over a one month period - Highly recommended for maximum impact. The more times your ad is viewed over a smaller time window the higher the opportunity that a prospect will communicate with you.
  • Regular Coverage: 5 - 7 online ads are served weekly over a one month period

Campaigns - Target The Best Recruits

  • Brokerages - We serve your online ads to all agents who enter a brokerage location
  • Real Estate Colleges/Schools - Recruit prospective agents who are graduating.
  • Real Estate Events/ Coaching Conferences - We serve your ads to all the attendees. Great opportunity to serve ads to realtors who are searching for systems or coaching to make a quantum leap.


  • Sales Professionals - We serve ads to other sales professionals who are searching for a career change. Target the following sales professionals: Insurance, Direct Sales, Cars, Home Re-modeling etc.
  • Universities/Colleges - Target graduates in sales related programs.

Stop wasting money on "Blind Approach" marketing… Narrow Your Target

To learn more information about these awesome programs and how to strategize, contact us at sales@RealTechPowerMarketing.com or call 1-855-288-9088 Ext 703