Find Your Next Client… We Do It For You!

Products and campaigns designed to leverage your existing Seller and Buyer clients to earn more Listing and Buyer Agreements. When you share our brilliant programs with Sellers and Buyers, you will differentiate yourself from all the other Realtors® that they invite to present their services. The average agent will not have what you have. The listing should be yours!

What we do for you

  • Set up your marketing campaigns.
  • Customize your benefit rich "call to action" ads.
  • Serve your online ads to your satellite micro targeted addresses.
  • Redirect all leads to you.

Now you have the time and the tools to earn more listings.


Satellite tracking

Micro target future clients using Patented Revolutionary Technology. Featuring Digital Canvassing, Event Crasher & Device Address Targeting.More Info


high impact Yard signs

Yards Signs featuring "Call To Action" URL links to landing page redirects and 1-800# with automated SMS responsive links. More Info


digital broadcasting

Coming SoonMore Info

We Reach Your Audience Anywhere

Right now your prospective clients are probably online searching for their next home. How are you targeting them? You're probably already marketing your services… but is your marketing effective, are you reaching the audience that is most likely to sell or buy a home in the foreseeable future?

Show Me How...

Here's The Next Big Thing!

If you knew the identify of Buyers and Sellers who stop in front of, or enter your or other agents’ Open Houses or Homes "For Sale" would this be a game changer for you?

Knowing who these motivated Buyers and Sellers are, can increase your wealth exponentially.

We have a revolutionary program that will tag all these Open Houses or Homes "For Sale” motivated Buyers and Sellers for YOU!

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