Target Motivated Buyers and Sellers When They Enter or Stop in Front Of Open Houses and For Sale Homes.

Laser-Like Micro Targeting

We map an area around open houses or homes for sale. Our satellites identify any devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops) as Buyers and Sellers stop in front of, enter or leave the home. We serve your "benefit rich" digital online ads to their devices when they are at home, work or even when they are travelling

How We Track Buyers and Sellers

  • Upload up to 15 addresses of Open Houses or For Sale locations
  • We map a frame around each location
  • We identify the Buyers' and Sellers' devices that are detected stopping in front of, entering or leaving the locations
  • We track all the devices' addresses to their home or workplace network addresses to establish your dedicated ad service network
  • We serve your online ads to your Buyers and Sellers ad network's devices (computers, laptops, iPads® and smartphones) at home, work or even when they travel.

What You Do…

  • Upload between 10 - 15 other agents' open house addresses (included your open house addresses too!) in your target areas.

What We Do For You…

Your ads will be served to Buyers and Sellers who enter or stop in front of not only your open house but other agent’s open houses too!

  • Capture motivated “ready to buy and sell now” prospective clients.
  • Leverage this awesome system to earn more listings. Show your Sellers how you promote their home to motivated buyers searching for a home in their neighborhood.


  • When the home is sold, you inform us and we suspend the capture of device addresses entering the home. But, your online ads are still served to the Buyers' and Sellers' addresses that were captured originally during the open house period, until the campaign period is completed.

Ad Distribution

  • Your online ads are delivered over a one or two month period
  • Powerful Coverage: 10 - 15 online ads are served weekly over a one month period - Highly recommended for maximum impact. The more times your ad is viewed over a smaller time window the higher the opportunity that a prospect will communicate with you.
  • Regular Coverage: 5 - 7 online ads are served weekly over a one month period

To learn more information about these awesome programs and how to strategize, contact us at or call 1-855-288-9088 Ext 703