What Is Satellite Tracking?

A unique series of patented cookie-free technologies allows us to precisely target potential sellers, buyers and recruits online, using your banner and display ads. These ads will appear on high profile websites including Google Ad Exchange, MSN, ESPN, CNN and Yahoo. We target locations as small as a single property address or as large as a zip code or city.
Our micro targeted approach serves online ads to Sellers and Buyers most likely to sell or buy a home in the near future.
No more wasting money on shotgun approach marketing… your marketing budget is now spent wisely


How It Works

  • You specify your target location address.
  • We map a boundary around your subject property addresses or area. The boundary determination is campaign specific.
  • Our cookie-free system obtains the “addresses” of the home network within the mapped boundary.
  • We serve your online ads to targeted devices (computers, laptops, iPads® and smartphones) within the mapped boundary areas of your choice.
  • Our campaigns target motivated Sellers most likely to sell their home and motivated Buyers who are ready to buy a home.

Target Sellers and Buyers Likely To Buy NOW!

  • We place your online ads directly in front your most likely Seller and Buyer prospects.
  • Our patented technology tracks and follows these prospects' devices and serves your Hi Impact "call to action" online ads to them at home, work or even if they are travelling.
  • Our system will micro target Sellers and Buyers who are more likely to make a move in the near future.
  • Our revolutionary satellite technology delivers one to one messages to targeted Sellers, Buyers and Agent Recruits

Who Sees Your Ads

You have control over who sees your ads. Our exclusive advanced technology satellite system serves your online ads to devices Including computers, laptops, iPads® and smartphones within your specific targeted locations with laser-like accuracy.

System Capability Overview

Location - We can track devices that "visited" a location as far back as 6 months. Awesome tool to build an ad network

Target From Lists - We can match supplied street location addresses to IP addresses and supplied IP addresses to street location addresses.

Online & Offline - We serve online ads to all devices and have the ability to match an IP address to an offline address. Now we can combine the power of micro targeted online ads and address specific direct mail campaigns

Data Integration - We validate IP addresses to a physical address. This enables us to monitor interactions and validate and eliminate "bogus" traffic including bots. Insert: data and eliminate bogus traffic including web crawlers and bots.

Target Audiences - We identify and target key audiences. No more wasting money on 'blind" shotgun approach marketing

To learn more information about these awesome programs and how to strategize, contact us at sales@RealTechPowerMarketing.com or call 1-855-288-9088 Ext 703