Tagging Your Clients' Neighbors

Digital Canvassing is our revolutionary satellite technology to serve your "benefit rich" online ads to your micro targeted audience. We utilize a series of patented "cookie free" satellite technologies to map areas surrounding your listings or subject addresses. Your ads are served with laser-like precision to prospective Sellers and Buyers when they browse popular high profile websites including Google Ad Exchange, MSN, ESPN, CNN and Yahoo.

It's our digital version of flyer and post card distribution except at a much lower cost.


What You Do…

  • Upload your subject property address (example: your listing) to our order form template.

Ad Distribution

  • Your powerful "call to action" online ads are served over a one or two month period.
  • Powerful Coverage: 10 - 15 online ads are served weekly over a one month period - Highly recommended for maximum impact. The more times your ad is viewed over a shorter time frame window the higher the opportunity that a prospect will reach out to you.
  • Regular Coverage: 5 - 7 online ads are served weekly over a two month period.

What We Do For You…

  • Our system searches for 500 homes within a one mile radius closest to your subject property where home networks are present. Additional "blocks" of 500 homes can be added for greater coverage.
  • We serve your "benefit rich" online ads to all devices (computers, laptops, iPads® and smartphones) connected to the WIFI networks in the targeted homes.
  • When potential Sellers and Buyers click on your online ad they are redirected to either, a landing page of your choice or our System Generated custom landing page.
  • Your system generated custom landing page will be created by our design team. It features your uploaded Videos (including your listing),Presentation; why Sellers should list with you, Online Showing Appointment Booking, redirect link to your IDX, Client Testimonial Videos, Offer Page redirect (If applicable), 1-800 # that captures inbound phone numbers even if they are blocked or private, Call Connect and much more.

Campaigns… Designed To Leverage Your Existing Clients, So You Earn More Listings

Listing Proximity - For Sale, Sold… Promote Your Listings

  • Your online ads are served to targeted devices in the immediate neighborhood surrounding your listing to promote your FOR SALE and SOLD listings.
  • Promote why potential Sellers should use your services.
  • Neighbors will let family and friends who want to move into your neighborhood know that your home is FOR SALE.
  • Leverage your listing to earn more Listings and Buyer clients.
  • Consistent delivery of your online ads will increase your presence and promote you as the local neighborhood specialist.
  • Flexibility - When your listing is SOLD, your campaign is converted from a FOR SALE campaign to a SOLD campaign. This conversion includes the change of ads and landing pages from FOR SALE to SOLD.
  • Your SOLD campaign emphasizes that you are the agent with the revolutionary marketing technology that gets their home SOLD for the most money possible in their time frame with less hassle.

High Turnover Areas / Neighborhood Farming… Expand Your Market Domination!

  • We deliver your ads to high turnover neighborhoods to promote why potential sellers should use your services.
  • You are the agent with the revolutionary marketing technology that gets their home SOLD for the most money possible in their time frame with less hassle.
  • Your online ads will be served to prospects most likely to sell their homes.
  • You will increase your income when you target areas with high turnover and lots of activity.
  • Great opportunity to increase your income when your existing farming area is slow

Sold To Our Buyer… This Is Huge!

  • Leverage your “raving fan” buyer clients to expand into new “farming” areas and earn more listings.
  • When your buyer client signs your buyer agreement, you must include a clause that allows you to install a "Sorry I'm Sold, But…" yard sign on their front lawn for at least 30 days after they take possession of their new home..
  • Your online ads will be target to prospects most likely to sell their homes.
  • Your message to prospective Sellers in this neighborhood is simple… you have qualified buyers for their home. Their home may already be SOLD!

Combine these programs with our complimentary yard sign program for Maximum exposure and Killer results. Now you have the WOW factor when you present your listing presentation

To learn more information about these awesome programs and how to strategize, contact us at sales@RealTechPowerMarketing.com or call 1-855-288-9088 Ext 703